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Green Architecture

Bloomberg's New European Headquarters Rated

by AD Editorial Team


        AD Editorial Team

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Bloomberg’s New European Headquarters Rated World's Most Sustainable Office Building

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Bloomberg’s new European HQ, which is located in the heart of the City of London, has been rated the world’s most sustainable office building. Designed by Foster + Partners, the office complex has been awarded an Outstanding BREEAM rating, attaining a 98.5% score – the highest design-stage score ever achieved by any major office development.

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Achieving this rating has been at the core of the project's design process. Alongside innovative power, lighting, water and ventilation systems—which contribute the most to the the building's environmental score—advanced applications of combined heat and power (CHP) generation "supplies heat and power in a single, efficient system with reduced carbon emissions." According to Lord Foster:

The deep plan interior spaces are naturally ventilated through a ‘breathing’ faade while a top lit atrium edged with a spiralling ramp at the heart of the building ensures a connected, healthy and creative environment.

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According to Bloomberg, important technical aspects of the project include:

        Integrated Ceiling Panels: bespoke integrated ceiling panels combine heating, cooling, lighting and acoustic functions in an innovative petal-leaf design. The system, which incorporates 500,000 LED lights, uses 40% less energy than a typical fluorescent office lighting system.

        Water Conservation: rainwater from the roof, cooling tower blow-off water, and grey water sources, like basins and showers, is captured, treated and recycled to serve vacuum flush toilets. These use net zero mains water for flushing. Overall, water conservation systems will save 25 million litres of water each year, enough to fill ten Olympic swimming pools.

        Natural Ventilation: when ambient weather conditions are temperate, the building’s distinctive bronze blades can open and close, allowing the building to operate in a “breathable” natural ventilation mode. Reducing dependency on mechanical ventilation and cooling equipment significantly reduces energy consumption.

        Smart Airflow: smart CO2 sensing controls allow air to be distributed according to the approximate number of people occupying each zone of the building at any given time. The ability to dynamically adjust airflow in response to occupancy hours and patterns is expected to save 600-750 MWhr of power per annum, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 300 metric tonnes each year.




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I progetti di edifici completamente nuovi sono il territorio di sperimentazione più completo per l’applicazione di principi, tecniche e materiali sostenibili. Li esaminiamo nella interezza del processo progettuale.
La vera frontiera per l’applicazione della architettura sostenibile è quella del recupero. E’ sempre meglio cercare di salvare vecchi edifici prima di abbatterli o edificare altrove occupando nuovo suolo. Con l’architettura sostenibile è possibile realizzare progetti di recupero di altissima qualità.
Il fermento scientifico attorno alla architettura sostenibile è molto alto. L’edilizia è un territorio molto vivace di sperimentazione di nuove tecnologie, nuovi materiali e soprattutto nuovi mix di soluzioni tra di essi.
This is the dawning of the Age of Graphene, the new material of the future at the focus of scientific research in major think tanks world-wide. Ecological, extremely versatile, cheap, it may soon be at the core of applied sustainability.

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